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Make Up

All teams are made up of 7 court and up to 3 reserve players, Team Manager, a Coach, and supporters.

Team Coach

For most teams the Coach is normally selected by the team at the beginning of each season.  The club supports either a parent or other volunteer in development in their coaching career. This includes support in obtaining qualifications, and additional face to face training throughout each season. 

Being a community based club coach is a fantastic way to connect with kids by supporting them on their journey to loving our sport.  It's also a fantastic way to develop your knowledge and relationships with others in our sport.  It also doesn't hurt on your CV. 

Team Manager

Each team selects a Team Manager from the adult members of the team. The manager is the communication hub for each team.  Between the parents/supporters, coach, and club administrators.  This person is the glue that organizes, coordinates, and is often the team's chief social director. A true champion!


Without supporters there is no club, but more importantly no community. Not only is the supporter's job to get their child to and from training and the games, but will also need to contribute to the functioning of their team and the club as a whole.  This could include helping setting up or pulling down at RNA or Wakerley, volunteering for the BBQ or Scoring and Fruit for the players on game day.  This is all on top of providing a positive environment for everyone envolved, cheering, applying the odd bandaid and wiping away the occasional tears of disappointment.

Teams: Facilities

We currently have 30 children's teams, from Under 7 to Cadets (19yo).  The teams train on various nights, and games are played at Redlands Netball on Saturdays.

Building community and developing a love of Netball


Is a program designed to develop skills for children from 6 to 10 years old.  Split into age divisions Under 7 to Under 10.   The program focuses on age-appropriate steps in learning the game from simple passing the ball and team skills to playing full rules.

Our netball club appreciates this is often the first time parents will encounter the program or community sport as a parent.  We encourage parents to learn about the process and ask questions if they are unsure.  

When registering for Net Set Go remember the age group is the year your child turns that age.  If you or your child would like to play with another child please make sure you put this in your registration.  We do our best to keep friends together if we can. 


Children move from Net Set Go to full competition rules in the year of their 11th birthday.  At the Redland's Netball Association the competition is broken up into Cadets which are typically children from Under 15 to Under 19, Intermediate which combines Under 13 & 14, Under 12, and Under 11.  Within each group, the teams are further broken down into divisions based on skill set and competition.

To ensure we can put together teams that can fairly compete in each age and division we conduct independent grading of children at the beginning of each season.  We ask that parents discuss with their children the positions they would prefer to compete in before registration. 

Not all kids want to grade or are injured at the time, we understand, and we will consider this. Please make sure you discuss this us.


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